The terrace bar

The terrace bar, a relaxing corner of the hotel with a delightful sea view

The terrace bar is the perfect place to sip a delicious cocktail or other refreshing drink as you marvel at the sea view.
It is also a very pleasant setting for business meetings, or simply for some online surfing, thanks to our wireless network.
The bar is open 24/7, with alcoholic drinks available until midnight.

Delicious authentic cuisine, served against the backdrop of the azure sea

The dining room is the heart of the gastronomic pleasure we offer our guests, and is the perfect venue for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events.
The large panoramic windows afford fantastic sea views - visible from every table - and the fresh, authentic dishes prepared by our chefs add up to a temptation that is hard to resist.
It all starts with breakfast... Every morning, we lay on a delicious sweet and savoury buffet, with coffee served at your table.
At lunch and dinner, we serve exquisite meat and fish dishes that are freshly prepared in next-to-no-time and all showcase the best local ingredients.
Our dishes are the result of our chefs' inspired re-casting of local culinary traditions, and we are also able to provide, on request, vegetarian and vegan menus and menus for coeliac sufferers.
These dishes are best accompanied by a great wine, chosen from our wide range produced by the island's best wineries.

An inviting plate of pasta with just-caught fish, a glass of excellent sparkling white wine, the sea before you...what better way to make the most of your holiday?

The restaurant on the sea front