Best price guaranteed

Rates and offers are continually updated. To take advantage of the best price do not hesitate to use our reservation system.
By entering the period, the number of guests and the desired rooms you can easily: verify rates; check room availability; find out the best deals for your chosen period; book online immediately using our secure server.

Booking cancellation
Once your reservation has been confirmed by our Reservations Office, you are entitled to a refund in the event of cancellation. This refund is calculated on a sliding scale based on percentages of the total cost of the accommodation. The amount that will be charged to you depends on the number of days' notice you give of your intention to cancel the reservation before the scheduled arrival date:
  • Cost of the first night's accommodation + 75% of the balance on the entire booking (7-1 days)
  • 100% of the cost on the entire booking (no show)
At the discretion of the Management, a cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card you used when making the booking.